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Andrew Jackson

Doug, I live in the Phoenix Valley and I would like to join the gathering if possible. Let me know more about your plans.



I listed to the Tony Jones/Alan Hartung Podcast interview available through Theoblogy and I realized that a big reason why Emergent/Emerging C/church/es are getting so much heat is because at the end of the day there is really no theology going on, but rather they (sorry Tony, “we”) spend 99% of the time talking about themselves (sorry Tony, “our selves”). In that 60 minute interview the entire thing was devoted to talking about themselves, but no theology/ecclesiology/spirituality. It was more about blogs, blogosphere, blah blah blad…it gets old.

It comes off as very ego-centric, and I now understand what others have been saying all this time. For a theology group, or “conversation,” or “friendship” we sure do like to talk about ourselves and not others. That doesn’t sound very “friendly” to me.

It was also somewhat disheartening to hear Tony talk about how much “we” (emergent/ing) could help big mega churches like…we mentioned one called woodnut hills, or chestnut creek church? I’m not sure. But maybe “we” should be saying, “yes, we can help them and they can learn from us, but we can also learn from them and they can help us.” If “we” adopt the attitude Tony is proffering, then we become no better than they (i.e. the evangelical fundamentalist) who think they can help everyone else. If we expect to help and teach others, then don’t we need to be willing to learn from and be helped by them as well?

Just some thoughts I’ve had

PS A friend of mine listened to that same podcast and told pointed out a big error. Apparently it doesn’t look good that “our” own national coordinator doesn’t know the etymology or derivation of the term “emerging church.” My friend taught me that the term was coined back in 1981 by Johannes Baptist Metz, a Catholic Political/Liberation theologian from Bavaria who wrote a book called “The Emergent Church.” This predates “us” by 19 years. Just a good thing to know if we expect others to take us seriously.

Adam Young

I don't know what the last comment really had to do with Doug's post - but I wish I could go to the FutureGen conference. I lived in Phoenix from 2002-2005, which would have made it easy to go. Now I live in Ohio - a little bit further away, methinks.

I am interested to hear how the session with Zach Lind of Jimmy Eat World goes. I love that band, and a friend of mine does a podcast with Zach called TheoHacks. I think Zach is in a very interesting position as being an emergent Christian whose "job" is playing drums for a pretty famous secular band. Kind of like a mixture of Daniel and Paul - Babylonia and Mars Hill.

Adam Young

Oh, and when I say Babylonia, I don't mean "The Whore Of Babylon", or "all those secular music sinners" - I just mean a different culture. I'm sure I don't have to explain myself with this group, but you never know...

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