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Bill Ekhardt

Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing what develops.

Steve Bailey

These developments are very encouraging for me. After teaching a very meaningful Lenten series using "Generous Orthodoxy", I'm encouraged by the desire to embrace a wide constituency of Christians looking toward our collective future in a rapidly changing cultural and intellectual context. I hope we can move forward in the power of God's Holy Spirit working among us.

Rev. Steve Bailey, Deacon
Anglican Church of Canada, Diocese of New Westminster,
Provincial Synod Ministry Committee, Prov. of British Columbia and Yukon.

steve hollinghurst

interesting to see developments after meeting Tony and others in the states on a recent trip from my resident UK. the terminology issue is worth some thought. Tony i agree an argument between Emergent and emergent and emerging church is bad news. on the other hand allowing distinction between the terms with a 'generous terminology';o)is no bad thing, folks are getting very tribal about the terms this side of the pond, your comment suggests similar in the US. on the other hand folks are also very confused and keep assuming all are equivalent, not too helpful either. a relaxed openness and lack of owning the terms is i suspect called for, the exception beeing Emergent with the big E to be owned and shared generously by those of you who put in the work. all blessing to all of you who do, it helps a fruitful conversation


Ken Hoyle

How wonderfully encouraging! As a youth minister in the Church of the Nazarene, I'm heartened to see brothers and sisters in Christ looking forward, striving to see The Church in our future. Sounds like the kind of stuff Jesus would want us involved in.
Thank you...I'll keep checking in.


After reading the list of different "streams", this is beginning to sound more like a political movement. I am very confused about what the purpose of these "streams" are.


john o'keefe

my prayer is that in selecting the new "board members" you remember those who have voices on the edge, and who speak more in the "white water" of the streams of the conversation. remember that we are a ver diverse people, so the voices need to be just as diverse.

Kit McDermott

What about the arts and their role in the movement? How will they be represented in your focus? Are they not key to the future church? What about sponsoring a national festival orconversation/festival?


Like many folks I've had feelings of uneasiness (perhaps it's unnerving to deal with change or feel like you're not 'in control' of that change), but moreso a sense of energy and enthusiasm. Many have voiced a fear of things becoming 'institutionalized', but I see it more as a consolidation of resources, a sort of "emerging library". Good librarians don't horde or control information; they assist the patrons in their search . . . and only if the patron requests help. Thanks for being proactive in "pooling" our resources.

Steve B.

All of these recent developments with Emergent-US excite me very much. I'm wary of over-institutionalization, but my sense is that the emergent theological option is woefully under-institutionalized, and the organizational efforts you're describing are much needed. I'm very happy that justice is at the heart of the efforts of emergent-US.

Van S

These streams sound wonderful. God's blessings in this endeavor. I still think it would be helpful for Emergent to change its name (shelving things for a couple years isn't wise, since that will add two years of added language-confusion), but I'll swallow my dissent and hope for the best.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

These streams sound very promising. I look forward to finding ways to invest and get involved.

I would like to add my voice to Kit's as to the importance of the arts. Is there any conversation of emerging artists? I am sure there is.

Rick Bennett

This is why I no longer call you Emergent's Bulldog. I am now refering to you as Emergent's Border Collie (I guess it could be an Australian Shepherd- but I like collies better).

Good luck trying to coordinate a bunch of us sheep going in many different directions.

Your new job reminds me of the Super bowl commercial a few years back in which in which a group of cowboys need to herd cats.

Can we change your title to "cat herder?"

Kit McDermott

I ask in concert with Jean: "Is there a conversation with emerging artists?" Should that not be a key initiative in this dialogue of emerging? Are there artists on the Board? Why not? Is there a festival in the works? Why not?

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