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John Atherton

Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that the decision to structure to reach out to more people has actually fostered conversation.

Van S

Bob, I think you are super-duper right. I think the best thing would be a rename. If it can be clearly seen that emergent as a movement isn't centralized or controlled, but that there is a group called "X" that helps to offer leadership and guidance within the movement, then this can all be a very positive thing. I know, I know. To some of you, it is abundantly obvious that Emergent isn't the same thing as emergent...but forgive me if I need more than capitilization to understand the difference ;)

At any rate, there are other great voices out there and it will be really healthy and good to foster cross-polination (which is part of the reason for a National Director). I think their efforts will go much further if we didn't have this issue hanging over our heads.

Dan-D from Canada

I always liked Terra Nova.

Ryan Poe

I agree with Bob. Change the name!

rick bennett


You always have been and will continue to be a czar to me. From now on I will refer to you as Emergent Czar Anthony I.

or maybe Bishop Anthony I.
Archbishop of Eden Prarie Anthony I.

I had always called you emergent's pit bull. Now you will have to be its Border Collie (smart dog which shepherds all the dumb cattle into their pens).

So your title needs to sound "nice." How about a feel good name like facilitator or encourager? Something non-offensive to the masses.

But the main question remains... Does Laci have to move to be near you? She would die after 1 Minnesota winter.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Congrats Tony. If I may, I would like to offer some real advice on this new development. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an organization that has maintained decentralization for several years. Facing the dangers of institutionalization, YWAM has recently recommitted to de-hierarchal-ize (to coin a term) our leadership.

I would encourage you to contact Lynn Green, Executive Chairman of YWAM about the recent development of Team 3, made up of himself, John Dawson, YWAM Pres. and Iann Muir, YWAM International Director. Contact Lynn at lgreen@oval.com

Also of note is YWAM's development of the Eldership model of leadership (see http://www.ywamconnect.com/sites/Founders/EldershipResources?multcontentitemid=7214)

I hope this helps!


stephen shields

i feel that i'm late to the party but i am intrigued by bob hyatt's idea of minimizing confusion by changing the name of "emergent" which often gets confused with the emerging church of which she is an important part. but - aside from that - i personally do not believe that institutionalization is intrinsically antithetical to a real, organic community. it does damage community when it's institutional for the sake of institutionalization *or* when its characterized by what our Lord called "Gentile Lordship" instead of servant leadership. i do believe that the emergent village group does have the opportunity to fulfill its desire to serve the emerging church and that having a national coordinator might help. fwiw

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