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I have to tell you that I have NOT clicked on the link, here or anywhere else I've seen it. Why?

The word "Protest" is a bad word for me. I associate it with mindless, yelling in the street, sign carrying, groupthink drunk, being seen here is cool, I think I'm the Good-guy but this kind of polemic makes me just like my enemy - idiots that I see if I turn on my TV. Which I don't. The days of Protest changing anything except your status amongst the new left are OVER. Real change has to be more systemic and less polemic. So tired of it. [/rant]

Okay, now I'll click the link and see if they're doing anything different.


Okay, okay, printing the slogan: "Sex slavery is still slavery" on condoms is a pretty funny and different idea..... but seriously! Comparing their goal to the goal of Wilberforce in the 1800's is absurd. The Enlightenment ideal was for Law to be Lord, and all this Authority was projected onto it in faith that making bad things "illegal" would solve problems. Tuh-duh, 200 years later... slavery is worse than ever. Law didn't change human character at all. SOS.

Slavery is already illegal. What will their "protest" change? Is there now some higher court to appeal to? Some greater Authority that we can drag the slave traders in front of and demand justice? Do we still endow "America" or "England" or the UN with such Authority that we think they can "stop" all this? Yet, aren't we also protesting America's and England's sense of Authority to kill people in Iraq? Can we have it both ways?

Beer mats? I can see it now, two guys step up to the bar and the barkeep lays down the beer mats and say's "What'll ya have?" One guys looks at the beer mat, elbows his buddy in the arm and says to the others, "Hey! Sex slaves? I'll have one of those, please! Heh-heh. Make it a double!"

We've gotta do better than this.

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