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I am very encouraged by the conversation here. This further increases my resolve to be a part of this conversation. I am looking forward to the future as we give witness to God's coming kingdom.


Wes Allen

I missed it this year; but I hope I make the next one!


The gracious tone of the gathering was so encouraging. I was refreshed instead of drained. To voice questions and discuss openly things I had wrestled with for so long in such an enviroment gave me hope that the church is on the verge of something great. Thank God for this open conversation.


Wow, you didn't get together to discuss theology just to advance the kingdom. That's fabtastic! By the way what is the kingdom you are advancing? How do you know how to advance it? Can I go about spitting on people and advance it that way? Or would that be inconistent with the character of God? Does the advancement include the Gospel - doctrines of God, Christ, the cross, the resurrection, grace, faith, the Bible, etc.? Or are you hoping that God will enter into someone's life through Osmosis? Once again, a brilliant comment from someone who I'm sure everyone will accept like he was Mr. Rogers because hey he probably will say this mindless pseudo-piety like he is Mr. Rogers, and that will make it all alright. Chalk another "thoughtful" comment up for Emergent. Next time why don't you all just get together and contemplate your navels. It would have the same impact upon the kingdom as your theological-less meeting.

Jake T

I'd be curious what answers you generally came up with some of those questions. ARE people being really discipled? IS there real spiritual formation taking place? IS the emergent church most white and male? Seriously...I'm curious.

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