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Praise God!


On a macro level, this is great news and an encouragement. However, on a micro level, I’m a little dazed. I’ve been leading an emergent gathering in a church with-in a church set up for the last three years and I am being let go for budget concerns. (My senior pastor was honest with me and told me that if the numbers of attends would have been greater I would not be let go.) I wonder how many people out there are finding less “success” in the trenches? It is a difficult calling to play the role of prophet: praying through changing the cultures in our churches and being sent ones who focus people onto Jesus; still, thanks for sharing the good word.


Here's where I think one of the challenges for the emerging church will truly lie - how do we measure success? I think there's a general sentiment (at least it's my impression) to focus more on health and not growth, but if we work in contexts where health and growth are thought synonymous, then we have a conflict.

What I like about Tony's thoughts is that he mentions some great health indicators - diversity in cohorts and in worship communities, healthy dialogue with respectful critics, and new initiatives by people interested in pursuing the Kingdom.


As someone unfamiliar with the emergent church, this cohort thing is weird. It sounds like something from the military.


Move over Mega-Church, Here comes the new cash-cow for the "Christian" community. Emergent is hot and will be setting up moneychanger station in a church near you. Sell, sell, sell!

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