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Wonderful words about a generous man - generous with his life, thinking and faith.

Larry Shelton

With great shock I learned of Stan's mortal blow last Friday, then after a sleepless night of prayer and soul-searching I learned of his passing the next morning. Although I had read his work in helping Christians understand postmodernism, I had not met him until I had the privilege of team-teaching a D.Min. course with him several years ago at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. It was an absolutely delightful experience (guitar, cartoons, and all!). After that we spent numerous times teaching together, exploring theological vistas, commiserating about the strife and disunity among Christians. He challenged me professionally, inspired me spiritually, and enriched me personally. My soul is deeply wounded by his passing, not only for the grief of Edna and his family, but for the loss to the evangelical movement at this critical stage of its search for identity. He was one of the great Christian souls I have met. As someone else has already said, "If Stan is not an evangelical, neither am I!" He was an authentic Christian--that is enough.

Larry Shelton
Professor of Theology
George Fox Evangelical Seminary


That made me cry. Especially about the final piece of advice. I am grateful to God for all these ripples going out, and I wish more of you would comment here, as that is one of the most encouraging things to someone who struggles with bitterness at having a good fighter taken down.

Mike Wilson

I am just now discovering the wealth of thought that Grenz brought the the Emergent discussion and am deeply grieved that they will not be completed. I have and have perused the first volume of The Matrix of Theology. Now what is going to happen?

I am certain that God will continue the work that began with Grenz, but I am perplexed by his passing. He was a great benefit to the Church while he was here and we all thank God for what he has done.

God Bless his family in this time of grief.

A student at Trinity College of Florida


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Justin Baeder

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