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Wes Roberts

Brian..thank you! You speak for our own hearts. ...Wes and Judy


A wonderful tribute, Brian. Thanks for sharing your memories of your friend with the rest of us.

Paul Soupiset

thank you, brian.

each intersection i had with Stan was warm: a kind and passionate follower of Christ.


A fitting tribute - thank you for posting it.

Tim Horman

Thank you Brian, bless you for these kind words. Though Stan did not know this, he was my inspiration for beginning theological studies. I read "A Primer" back in 1998 during my second year at University. I was in a class studying poststructural literary theory, and his little book became an anchor for my faith as I was thrown headlong into Derrida, Barthes and Foucault. I later moved from Australia to Vancouver, after Stan recommended Regent to me in a brief email. Stan helped to shape a major turning point in my life, and has had a large part in the fact that I am still a follower of Jesus.

andrew jones

thanks brian

Rogier Bos

I had an interesting interaction with Stan Grenz a few years ago. Although I am European, I was living in the US for a few years, when my friend Charlie Wear asked me to start an internet publication with him called NEXT WAVE. A few issues in I was reading a book by Millard Erickson, called "Postmodernizing the Faith: Evangelical Responses to the Challenge of Postmodernism". In the book Erickson reviews a number of authors, including Stan Grenz. His "primer on postmodernism' was at the time the best introduction to the subject of postmodernism. In the course of his review of Grenz's work, Erickson quoted D.A. Carson as saying that Grenz's view on the inspiration of scripture could hardly be called evangelical. This also seemed to be Erickson's conclusion.

I don't think I quite understood Erickson's critique of Grenz. In any case, in my Next Wave article on Erickson's book I wrote something like "I don't know much, but I do know this: if Stan Grenz isn't evangelical, then neither am I." I posted the May edition of Next-Wave. Not 24 hours later I received a one-word email from Stan Grenz - whom I had never met or talked to: "Bravo!"

I got such a kick out of that! I then asked Grenz if he would be willing to do an online interview with me for Next Wave, to which he graciously consented. I sent him a list of questions, and the answers he sent back were profound, and very, very gracious. I think the article can be found in the Next Wave archives.

My sense is that the christian movement is entering a new episode. It is an honor and a thrill to be allowed to be part of that. I see God's hand renewing our vision and his church. You and I stand on the shoulders of giants who are helping us see clearly into the future. Stan Grenz is one of those giants.

Tom Bird

I am saddened by this news of Dr.Grenz's death. I am currently reading "renewing the Center", enjoying it very much and learning a lot about postmodernism and postmodern theology. Grenz had a way of communicating very profound thoughts in a clear and concise way. This simple pastor owes a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Grenz for helping him understand he was a closet emergent.


Thanks Brian for this deeply moving and meaningful eulogy.

vincent derieux

i am very sad!!!! his writing has made a huge impact in the way that i read scripture now. practicaly i feel i have lost a minitry partner, someone (even if i only knew him from his books), from who i always felt, that he could understand what we are trying to do here back in europe.

Mark Miller

Thank you Brian. Once again, you put into words what so many of us are feeling.

I remember the first time I approached Stan about an issue where I was seeking clarity. His approachability and care spoke as much to me as his words. He lived the life of community that he so often spoke about.

An influential voice in the conversation is gone but his life will continue to speak to us for generations to come.

Rob Harrison

As one of Stan's former students at Regent/Carey, I'm still in shock--his death cuts deep; but thank you very much for your words, which are a real blessing.

scott moore

Today we held the memorial of Stan at Mars Hill today.

We all laughed, cried, as story after story was told by staff and students of the MArs Hill community.

We all will miss stan dearly,
as the class he was teaching thinking theologically two was six weeks in before his passing, so his shadow will be over us urging us on, and his imprint will have marked all current students and the ones who walk through those doors at MArs Hill.

Brian thnaks for your personal sharing,


As a Vancouverite, I was shocked when, in the course of surfing (taking a break from work), I stumbled across the sad news of Stan Grenz's death. I'm still in shock. I've never taken a class by Stan, but did hear him lecture once at Regent College when he launched his excellent book, "The Social God and the Relational Self", which I had the privilege of having him autograph.

May the Lord be with his family during this time.

Thanks Stan.

Randy Walls

Thanks Brian.

In a time when words don't seem to fill the void left by the passing of our dear friend Stan, I give thanks to our "triune" God for inspiring you to provide us a memorable space to mourn this loss.

He was recently our guest lecturer at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. At a dinner gathering with the faculty, Stan, our Baptist brother, urged us to be more Pentecostal. I still marvel at the breadth of his embrace; a Christlike heart seeking to affirm everyone in whom the light of Christ shines.

Gordon Dickinson

As a former student of Stan's I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing... The mark he left was vast and deep; not only in his writings but in my life and in many others. He will be missed, but forever enjoyed! Thank you, Brian, for expressing this so well on behalf of all of us.

Tom Johnson

Thank you, Brian. Stan spoke at George Fox University on Monday, March 7, less than a week before his home-going. As friends since our teaching (and gospel quartet singing) days together in the mid-80's at North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD, Stan and Edna, and my wife, Michele, and I had pie and coffee together after his Monday evening talk on popular culture and Christian faith. Next morning they were off for their second home in Birch Bay, for a rest.
We are deeply grieved at this loss of a friend and colleague. Stan was a role model for me in my work, a wise and trusted friend. I loved his gentleness, sense of humor, and discipline. Yesterday in class at GFU, we had a brief tribute to him, sang a song ("Amazing Grace"), read Scripture (Psalm 90) and prayed.
"Lord, teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."

Matt Duffy

I have only known Stanley's thoughts, vicariously through those I know and with whom I grapple with the weighty questions of theology and praxis. Though I am always reading books that will help us who lead to "hear what the Spirit is saying to the church...", not to mention...to ourselves, Brian's words have stimulated me to make sure I enrich my heart, soul and mind with Stan's writings.

Curtis Collins

Thanks Brian. I'm still at a loss for words...thank you for yours. Though I stopped in at Regent College last friday morning, and heard small fragments of news about Stan and his condition, I can still only now, sitting in my pastor's study, sigh, shake my head, and swallow hard for our loss and heaven's gain. Shine on Stan.

Curtis Collins

Thanks Brian. I'm still at a loss for words...thank you for yours. Though I stopped in at Regent College last friday morning, and heard small fragments of news about Stan and his condition, I can still only now, sitting in my pastor's study, sigh, shake my head, and swallow hard for our loss and heaven's gain. Shine on Stan.

Buzz Trexler

The only thing I knew about Stanley Grenz is what I have read quoted by McLaren, Kimball and others. Stanley, I hardly knew ye ... but I will get to know you better.


Some people apparently couldn't wait even 72 hours before issuing a negative judgment of Grenz' career and his connections with emergent.


This article, entitled "When Piety is not Enough," was published by the SBC's Baptist Press on Monday. The author, David Dockery (the president of Union University), uses Grenz' death as a platform to issue a critique and then proclaim his own superior views. How inappropriate is it to do that before a man is even buried?

Darren Donas

Brian, you soke well of the humanness of a man that had sought to touch the heart of God, and in so doing touched many others. Part of that humanness is the untimely passing of such a friend, father, husband, collegue, theologian, mentor, pastor and faithful "follower" of our Lord Jesus Christ. Stan blessed many lives with his "down to earth" life (both professionally and personally), including the many students he taught, mentored...and sang with :-). I will forever appreciate the blessing of knowing such a friend. My respects and prayers to Edna and his family (Darren Donas, Pastor and former Regent/Carey Student 1995-2000)

Steve F.

I am a late-comer to Emergent - in a variety of ways - and had never read nor encountered Stan's work until I heard of his sickness and untimely death.

Your remembrances conveyed ever so deeply how much I have missed by not knowing him - and how richly blessed those of you who did know him truly are. Your words and your images paint a vivid picture of a man, and a ministry, that I wish I had encountered long before now. And perhaps that is the best compliment to you both - that in your words, the ministry of a man I've never met has both come to life, and echoed in my heart. With you, and the emergent movement, I both mourn your (our) loss, and celebrate a joyous homecoming. Soli Deo gloria.


I did not know Stan as well as I would have liked. I was attending FBC Vancouver, still not having made a committment to Jesus, when I was fortunate to hear a Sunday sermon from Stan two years ago. I was well and truly engaged by his presentation and style. Acts 20:24 stuck out for me though, and I gave my life over to Christ a year later. I met Stan at a Deacons lunch for new members of FBC this past fall, and was immediately struck by his humility and generosity. How lucky for those of you able to learn from him several times a week at Regent. Thank you Brian, I feel as though I know Stan a bit better, though we have all suffered a grievous loss.

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