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Tim Bednar

You could think of it like ChangeThis!


Very good idea.


That's a wonderful idea.

Sivin Kit

sounds exciting!

dan hughes

ChangeThis! is a useful model. While the PDF debate will always be religious, the ChangeThis! way seems to promote the feeling that one is publishing rather than posting.

OpenSourceTheology.net is a Slashdotesque approach to new theology that uses a posting/comment modality.

Podcasting authors read their essays would be useful as well.

rick luoni

Thank you very much. This sounds exciting! Just curious, how does one qualify to be a "theologian"?



Where do I sign up? Keep us posted. I'll read all the stuff? I'm beyond excited and very interested in finding a good interactive platform that isn't too chaotic. I'll check that out.

stephen shields

This is a fantastic idea and is a next logical step for Emergent.

Troy Bronsink

yeah a very natural evolution into useful forms of communal discussion-inquiry and making-rendering.

Geoff Holsclaw

i also thinks this is a great idea. and not to get to draw into the marketing deal, but this would work great as repositioning of what Emergent is all about, rather than letting DA Carson and others define the emerging church according to their own criteria.


Great dream. Practically, it might work out best if someone could become a clearing house for submissions. I like the idea of a printable web-based option like an e-zine or periodical. So a possibility may be that once a quarter 3-5 topics are selected... people can make submissions to website, or typepad, or something on as many of the selected topics that they want to comment on, even if it's an addition to previous comments, and then once a quarter the person who is administrting the site can take all of the information, place it in to a selecteed format (e-newsletter, e-zine, etc...) and mail it to the list of subscribers/participants. At this point the typepad can be cleared and 3 to 5 new topics can be posted (some may need to be repeated). Keeping the topics limited and administered by someone might help this from becoming overwheling to a reader and might help keep both reader and contributor interest. Hope this suggestion helps in one way or another.


A typically creative and energizing idea. I also like the idea of a topical approach. I wonder if it would be practical to also make it dialogical, similar to what was done in "The Church in Emerging Culture." Or perhaps that format could be limited to certain selections chosen by readers every six months or so..

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