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i think he is a great choice.


i agree with Mark


Volf is very difficult for me to read. I don't know if his speaking would be much different. I think it has to do with language and translation. I don't know.

I do know that Volf laid bare the ideas about suffering and the cycle of violence and destruction that can be perpetuated by victims much better than many other Christians that I've read. The Eastern Religions are more adept at discussing this idea than we are, even though it is present within our Faith. It's that Suffering vs. Evil thing that seems to divide us. We focus on evil, they focus on suffering. But when we learn to deal with the truth about what happens to those who suffer and come up with some better ways to articulate the way out, then we'll have alot more to offer to the world in their understandable concern over the cycle of violence. Right now, all they see is us having a fit about evil and arguing amongst ourselves over ways to deal with evil. I think we appear scary and evil ourselves to many people simply because we don't articulate our solution to the problem of suffering very well.

I hope Volf will have something articulate (and comprehensible to me) to offer toward this issue.

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